Dino-Clean – Gardeners Hand Cleaner


Dino-Clean is a hand cleaner for gardeners. Remove strong plant resins and saps from hands, tools and work-spaces – with or without water.

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Dino-Clean – Gardeners Hand Cleaner

Dino-Clean – Gardeners Hand Cleaner  will, without water, remove plant resins and saps from your hands and tools without leaving an oily or unpleasant smelling residue.  It will also remove oil-based natural odors completely – even skunk.

Just a small amount provides enough power to quickly dissolve  and remove large sap and resin deposits. Dino-Clean is kind to your skin and has a mild, pleasant scent.

Dino-Clean is totally biodegradable and non-toxic, and can be used in the laundry. Just rub a little on the affected area and wash normally.

Dino-Clean is made in America out of top-quality ingredients.  Hey, we love green products – when they work!  But green hand cleaners just don’t seem to do the job when you are dealing with certain plant resins and herbal concentrates.  And some of them, especially citrus extracts, are downright caustic and hazardous.  The active ingredient in Dino-Clean is mineral spirits, which we’ve balanced with natural lanolin – to protect your hands.

After blending, Dino-Clean is “cooked” in antiseptic conditions in order to end up with an easy to use gel that allows a little to go a long way.  The gel clings to whatever it is applied to – this is really helpful if you need to clean something with blades.  Dino-Clean is safe to use on food and extract surfaces – as long as you wash them afterwards.


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