About us

Welcome to the Ohio Hydroponics Online store!

How did we achieve it?

Due to our growing clientele and continual rise of online sales  from out of state we moved into a new venture. One catered strictly to the online customer.

Our customers come from far and wide and our online clientele is even more vast. We have to cater to our neighbors outside of Ohio and in doing so we have created a new site strictly devoted to our out of state clientele. – Jeremy Gross/General Manager and Operating Partner


Thanks to our direct partnership with top distributors in the United States, Indoor Garden Store (Online) is able to bring you great prices and amazing service.  Our Goal is to provide you with the access to the products you need to succeed in your indoor garden, and to provide you with lightening fast, safe and secure shipping so you have as little delay as possible! All without breaking your pocketbook.

We come from humble backgrounds working 40 hour a week jobs and know what it’s like for the everyday hobbyist. Prices get higher and higher as manufacturers produce more and more bringing their profits up. The mom & pop Retail Grow Shop business is taking a hit to these huge box stores and  online stores. Third party sellers like eBay and Amazon make it hard to achieve an overhead worthy of keeping your local brick and mortar grow shops open. We make a great mixture of online and brick and mortar.

In 2017 we decided we wanted to make a site strictly catered to our neighboring states and help them ease some of their local big box store markup. We give great discounts and specials on this site and don’t add the added markup to keep the lights on at our brick and mortar store.

With that said, we do not offer these discounts in our brick and mortar store and this online store is an entirely separate entity. This site will never be used to build the brick and mortar portion of our company so that we may use it to expand our ever growing presence online. We want to bring the same great service we give to our brick and mortar clientele to the online scene and show Americans how it should be. Working together to prosper. Remember, supporting this site is supporting brick and mortar small mom & pop stores. Not big box stores.


We are working on getting our online store revamped! During this time checkout process may not work. Please call us at 567.525.3680 to purchase any of our products over the phone. We can take Credit/Debit Card or we can send a PayPal invoice to your email where you can pay with PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card! We thank you for your patience! Dismiss